A word from our CEO

It all started in Paris about 120 years ago, with our parent company RATP. The first metro line crossed the French capital. It was opened for the Paris world fair on July 19, 1900, after less than eighteen months of construction—an impressive feat.

Since then, we've kept on innovating, from the first hydraulic metros in the fifties to electric trams and driverless shuttles today. That technical excellence has propelled us to our current status as the global leader in automated subways and trams.

The foundation of RATP Dev in 2002 was a watershed moment. The goal was to develop, operate and maintain new transportation systems in France, Europe, and around the world, drawing on the know-how of RATP Group. We've never looked back. Some 1.5 billion passengers use our transit systems every year. As we grow, our know-how grows too. But our passion stays the same: to build along with you and bring cities around the world the excellence of innovative, sustainable transportation.



"How can quality of life and the experience of living in a city be measured? First and foremost by the city’s services. Transportation systems are the heart and soul of a city. They have to be safe, effective, practical, and reliable.

Our mission is not only to develop and optimize public transit systems, but also to boost the economy and quality of life, in order to make distances feel shorter and bring people together. 

At RATP Dev, we are also blazing the trail for smart cities. We envision places where mobility and digital technologies merge smoothly, quickly, and simply.

Our more than 23,000 employees take pride in serving both passengers and transit authorities, who look to us every year. We are passionate and innovative, and we continue to make advancements. 

Your future. Our destination."

Hiba Farès
President of the Executive Board

RATP Group

Our parent company, RATP, is the transportation operator for Paris and the surrounding region. It ensures 12 million trips a day on one of the world's densest and most multi-modal transportation systems. 

As the world's third-largest public transportation operator, RATP Group runs and maintains tens of thousands of kilometers of subway, bus, tram, and urban or intercity rail lines around the globe.  

Every day we innovate for smarter, more sustainable cities by designing, operating and maintaining networks for the well-being of our passengers. Our key words: passion and determination.        

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Our business lines

Implementing tailored solutions

Jointly building reliable, accessible transportation systems from scratch? Restructuring existing operations to suit available resources? Maintaining them long-term, designing innovative solutions, or incorporating new modes into a system? Whatever the context, our agile, out-of-the-box approach helps us make all your projects a reality.

It’s more than a mission. It’s our pledge to you: to improve the quality of life and daily routine for passengers, by continuing to improve safety and comfort, and by providing tailored solutions. To link neighborhoods, cities, and regions. To bring people together.

Together, building the city of tomorrow

Every city is one-of-a-kind. Ready-made solutions won't do. We offer tailored solutions adapted to your needs. 

With you—transit authorities, local decision-makers and partners—we build solutions based on extensive analysis of your specific expectations and requirements, and those of passengers. The result is a solution tailored to you.

Our expertise across all transportation modes helps you choose the most appropriate solution. From there on we take care of all the rest, from study and design to building, controls, commissioning, operational maintenance, operation, and ticketing. We're there for the duration thanks to adaptations designed with you, for you. 

Supporting your region's development

Developing mass transit boosts regional economies and promotes growth.

This is the role filled by our 100+ transportation systems. We transfer skills and help promote sustainable development in harmony with the local fabric. With better public transit, cities and territories begin a virtuous cycle leading to increased business opportunities and job creation. We hire locally and currently train and support 23,000 employees. 

We are driven by our commitments to corporate social and environmental responsibility, and so are our employees who volunteer. This is materialized through grass-roots involvement, as is seen in Johannesburg, Manila, Washington, and Valenciennes. 

Taking action for an excellent passenger experience

We are proud of our most precious resource—the men and women who work for RATP Dev. People are at the heart of what we do. That means offering our staff meaningful opportunities, and bringing customers and passengers the solutions they trust us to provide. The goal is to give everyone access to convenient transportation and a more pleasant city to live in. 

Greater well-being, serenity, and safety: that's our pledge to you.



Our drive


Aiming for and achieving excellence. We constantly strive to offer our customers and users mobility that is ever more sustainable, innovative and connected.


Believing passionately in what mobility enables and creates. Our passion drives us to develop mobility for all, everywhere in the world.

Welcoming challenge

Pushing out our limits and inventing tomorrow's mobility today. Welcoming challenge because it is synonymous with enterprise, fulfillment, learning and confidence in our teams’ talents.

Key figures


operator of automated metro systems




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billion passengers per year




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Ethics and compliance

The Executive Board and the Executive Committee share a deep-founded conviction: integrity in business dealings. That is one of the cornerstones of our Group. 

The trust the Group inspires in its employees, shareholders, customers, and suppliers is a driver of growth. Integrity, both within the company and in our business relationships, means rejecting all types of corruption and influence peddling. It also means avoiding conflicts of interest and complying with antitrust law. Finally, integrity also involves protecting our assets and resources. The involvement and exemplary conduct of all our employees are what make that commitment to unfailing integrity possible.  

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a public transportation operator, social and environmental responsibility is truly at the heart of our business. We strive to do our part to advance sustainable and inclusive cities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


RATP Dev is a limited company with an Executive Board and Supervisory Board (Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance). 

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