• Meet the needs of passengers and foster customer loyalty with safe and punctual public transit
  • Improve the urban environment in terms of safety and public health, and lower greenhouse gas emissions in a highly congested city
  • Optimize maintenance to prevent service interruptions and ensure punctual public transit

Over 350

million passengers since opening in December 2012


stations and 47 km of tracks


local jobs created


In collaboration with Casa Transports—the public transit authority in Casablanca—RATP Dev Casablanca, a subsidiary of RATP Dev, operates, maintains, and develops the Casablanca tramway network, which consists of 70 stations and 47 km of tracks. Since the line opened on December 12, 2012, the need for mobility among Casablanca residents has continued to grow. They have found this mode of transportation an advantageous alternative to driving on the city's congested roads. 

Since its launch in 2012, more than 350 million passengers have used the tramway network, which was further developed in January 2019 with the opening of the T1 line extension and the new T2 line. To meet passengers' security needs, RATP Dev Casablanca has brought in the police and local associations to raise awareness of security concerns among residents. Fare evasion has also been brought under control by creating stations where tickets must be validated upon entering and exiting. Additionally, all agents actively fight fare evasion on the ground level.

Those successful results led Casa Transports to renew its contract with RATP Dev in 2017 for the operation, maintenance, and development of the Casablanca tramway network for a period of 12 years. That new contract includes the entry into service, operation, and maintenance of two high service level bus routes starting in the summer of 2023 and two new tramway lines in early 2024. As such, RATP Dev Casablanca will become the operator of the most ambitious urban transport project in Africa.

This collaboration has led to the creation of more than 600 local jobs as well as the establishment of a local training center that applies the most stringent international standards in handing down our expertise to drivers and operational management teams. In so doing, we ensure a premium quality service for the people of Casablanca. 

As a result, it was a natural choice for RATP Dev in 2018 to opt for the city of Casablanca—known for its dynamic socioeconomic ecosystem strongly oriented towards digital technology and innovation—as the location for its very first innovation laboratory, Casaroc. In March 2021, based on the success of that lab and a strong commitment to its presence in Morocco, RATP Dev decided to highlight the role of Lab Casaroc and consolidate it by dedicating a fully-fledged subsidiary to its management: RATP Dev Digital Hub Maroc (RDDHM). To contact RDDHM:  

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