• Designing from scratch a bus system to complement the subway which is under constructio.
  • Motivating Riyadh residents to embrace bus transportation in a country where cars reign supreme.
  • Providing quality, affordable, practical service to make public transit a popular choice.
  • Meeting the highest international standards.


routes and 70 feeder routes


employees, including 3,200 drivers


billion over 12 years for this operation and maintenance agreement


Cars reign supreme in Saudi Arabia. Very low gas prices mean family cars are the norm, however roads are often saturated as a result. In fact one of country's top metropolises, Riyadh, ranks as the fourth most polluted city in the world.

A convincing, practical alternative had to be suggested that would also be comfortable, safe, and affordable.

With those goals in mind, RATP Dev designed and is rolling out the country's first bus system along with its partner SAPTCO. Their joint venture is the Public Transport Company (PTC). The level of quality is set very high: ultra-modern buses running with regular frequency, convenient stops, efficient ticketing and passenger information, and top-notch customer service.

The bus system will complement the subway system which is being built at the same time. All of it promises to help a new Riyadh emerge.

Riyad Arabie Saoudite bus mobilité Saudi Arabia Smart City

"The Arriyadh Development Authority wanted an operator with excellent experience in managing operations locally, and tried-and-true expertise in rolling out world-class transit in metropolises in various countries. RATP Dev/SAPTCO truly meets those specifications. "

Abdulrahman Alshalan
Riyadh Transport Director (ADA)

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