• Improve the service offer and intermodal transport options
  • Accelerate the energy transition for a sustainable urban area
  • Harness innovation and service quality to better serve passengers


more passenger-kilometres


more trains passing through stations by 2029 54% higher ridership and promotion of intermodal transport with 58% more trains passing through stations by 2029


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


Since 1 May 2023, RATP Dev has been operating the "Mistral" network for the Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée municipal authority for a contractual period of six years. With its local partner SUMA, RATP Dev will help the municipal authority bring to fruition its ambitious Urban Transport Plan, which aims to double the share of traffic on public transport by 2030 and reach a ridership level of 40 million passengers by 2026.

By entrusting this public service contract to RATP, the elected officials of Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée have opted for an operator that will help the region move forward by gradually increasing the number of passenger-kilometres by 17%, increasing ridership by 54% and promoting intermodal transport by increasing the number of trains passing through stations by 58% by 2029. This service will be delivered by a safer and "greener" fleet of vehicles and ferries.

Fully engaged with the region, RATP Dev promotes inclusive employment and partners with local communities and businesses to help young people by introducing them to new professions and immersing them in the world of work and offering training that leads to employment qualifications.

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