• Promote and maintain a strong, transparent and safe organizational culture.
  • Hire and retain skilled employees.
  • Enhance and maintain a functional fleet of vehicles.




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The proposal to bring a Just Culture to Yuma becomes a reality. Drivers are noticing the changes and appreciating the effort. 

  • The launch of RATP Dev USA’s Safety Management System, drive2zeroTM, is a huge step forward in bringing the front-line employee into a healthy safety culture. It gives employees a sense of ownership and involvement they did not have previously and it has also increased near miss reporting, self-reporting, and hazard reporting.
  • Employing SmartDrive (part of RATP Dev USA’s drive2zeroTM framework) as a tool for driving behavior and coaching.
  • Developing a partnership with the Yuma Truck Driving School to train and certify drivers to add to the Yuma County staff after completing RATP Dev Training.
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