Executive Committee

The Executive Committee steers RATP Dev activity and reports to the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. It also helps develop and implement Group strategy in line with the guidance from those two boards.  There are fourteen directors on the Executive Committee.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is a collective body which oversees the general management of the company. The CEO represents the company to third parties and is authorized to enter into commitments on its behalf. 

Chairwoman of the Executive Board
Member of the Executive Board, Deputy CEO
Senior VP - Americas, Asia-Pacific, South Africa and United Kingdom Business Unit
Member of the Executive Board
Senior VP - France/Switzerland Business Unit
Senior VP - Middle East and North Africa Business Unit
Senior VP - Administration and Finance
Senior VP - Bid Development and Performance
Senior VP - Technical
Senior VP - Strategy & Performance
Senior VP - Digital & Sightseeing
Senior VP - Italy Business Unit
Senior VP - UK and Ireland, South Africa, Nordics
Senior VP - Customers & Engagement
Senior VP - Human Resources