• Accompany changes to the network for the Creil Sud Oise conurbation (ACSO) better to meet passengers’ expectations
  • A restructuring of the network commenced in 2021 with the aim of boosting the ridership numbers and increasing the service quality
  • Deploy a complementary and innovative transport offering to improve everyone’s mobility options
  • Combating fare evasion and setting reasonable fares for our customers 


inhabitants using the network


regular bus routes, six school bus routes, and four on-demand transportation services


electrically-assisted bicycles


Over a period of seven years, RATP Dev will effectively support the upgrades to the ACSO network, with a network that is better adapted to the needs of its users. In particular, this is thanks to a restructuring project that commenced in 2021: a reinforcement of the main routes, greater capacity and frequency during rush hours, and the addition of articulated buses with room for twice as many passengers.

This restructuring of the public transit offer includes the addition of new services: creation of the first park+ride station in the area, the launch of a long-term rental offer for electrically-assisted bicycles, introduction of an innovative micro-transit offer (on-demand transportation) with the possibility of reserving up to 20 minutes in advance, allowing it to serve three needs: 

  • As a feeder between the business areas and the Creil station 

  • As back-up for the service to suburban and rural communities 

  • As a night service for active travelers, early in the morning or late in the evening, in line with the TER regional rail service 

Major changes have been implemented to improve the service quality offered to passengers, both during their journeys on the network and when seeking information, making inquiries, or purchasing tickets. To that end, the AXO sales agency has been completely renovated.
Lastly, a large-scale action plan has been launched to combat fare evasion, alongside a review of fares to offer reasonable ticket prices for each category of passengers.

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