• Strengthen the offer in the heart of the territory
  • Improve the service to the thermal baths and schools
  • Develop transport on demand throughout the region
  • Support behaviour changes using innovative tools: Open Payment, MaaS, connected table and totem


largest city transit system in the Savoie region


towns serviced


main lines, 1 Sunday line and 59 local lines


Ondéa Grand Lac joined RATP Dev in January 2015. It is the second largest urban transport network in the Savoie department. It serves the 28 towns of Grand Lac, the Lac du Bourget Urban Community.

A new brand image has been created, "Ondéa Grand Lac", and promotes all forms of mobility in an attractive and innovative area: bus, bicycle, train, organized and spontaneous car-sharing, car-sharing. 

Three structured lines with a frequency of 15 to 20 minutes operate all year round, from Monday to Saturday, and serve the main centers that generate travel (train station, town center, shopping centers, etc.). In addition, a special line provides some of the stops on Sundays and public holidays, with increased frequency in summer to serve the beaches of Lac du Bourget.

A Mobility on Demand service called Mobéa (adapted for PRM) completes this offer and connects the entire territory. 

To meet new expectations, limit traffic problems, but also to face the climate challenge and fight against air pollution, the agglomeration is mobilizing and boosting its "service-bus" offer. The aim is to double the number of journeys by 2028, from 1.7 million to almost 3 millions. The new plan places 30,000 inhabitants and 12,000 jobs within 300 meters of the three main lines, the heart of the Ondéa Grand Lac network.

Innovative, Ondéa Grand Lac offers a range of innovative services such as Open Payment on board vehicles (the bank card becomes the ticket), an intermodal and fully integrated mobile application to plan, book and pay for your journey. The network also offers a terminal and an interactive table promoting tourism and mobility in the region. 

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