• Doubling of transport supply to irrigate all municipalities in the territory
  • Deployment of innovative digital solutions to streamline the journey of our travellers
  • Establishment of a modern and efficient intermodality for the neighbouring Switzerland but also within Thonon Agglomeration
  • Support for soft mobility with the establishment of a fleet of 150 electric bicycles


lines and 1 funicular irrigating the territory


electric bicycles allowing a credible alternative


The project led by RATP Dev, in partnership with Borini Dévelopement within their joint venture RDB Thonon, is based on a detailed analysis of the challenges of the territory and on its strong experience acquired in Haute Savoie for more than 20 years now. With this contract, RATP Dev reaffirms its status as the leading public transit operator in the Haute-Savoie region.
Over the next 7 years, our ambition is to support Thonon Agglomeration in the restructuring and doubling of its network, by merging all conventional transport offers into a dense, fluid and intermodal urban network, better connected with the French and Swiss intercity networks, for the benefit of travelers in their daily travels.

To best support this paradigm shift, we will deploy all our digital know-how to facilitate access to information, access to the transport ticket but also access to important information of the territory (animations, center of interest, economic and commercial center): a redesigned and dynamic website, a new digital application adapted to local challenges and a tailor-made M-Ticketing solution.
In addition, and with the aim of making the inhabitants of Thonon Agglomeration aware of soft and alternative mobility solutions, we will deploy a fleet of 150 electric bicycles for long-term rental.


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