As a player in the public transport sector, Corporate Social Responsibility is an intrinsic part
of our mission, our attractiveness and our raison d'être.

At a time when environmental, social and societal challenges are immense, we go far beyond that.

Our commitment is collective to ensure a real, positive and sustainable impact
of our activities around the world.

Ambition and Strategy

Our CSR ambition is a sustainable city, one that is equitably shared between all forms of mobility, that is resource-efficient, inclusive, dynamic and connected to its territories.

We are convinced that we have an essential role to play in meeting the challenges of our business. That's why we have defined our CSR strategy, which is pragmatic, coherent, collective and rooted in action.

Together, in each of our networks, we are making a commitment.


  • We offer relevant and responsible solutions to our customers, and showcase the many CSR initiatives that exist in our networks, 
  • We strictly ensure compliance with regulations by building a robust, global regulatory framework,
  • We contribute to sustainable cities through our own roadmap built around the CSR challenges we have detailed in our Manifesto
    for Sustainable Cities.

Manifesto for Sustainable Cities

Published in 2024, our Manifesto is committed, embodied, transparent and unifying. 
It describes our CSR strategy and sets out our roadmap for the next 5 years.

Our responsible commitments

For the mobility of today and, above all, tomorrow, we have made 4 responsible commitments for sustainable cities: 


Reduce the environmental impact of our networks.


To be an exemplary employer.


Support local activity and build solutions tailored
to our customers' needs.


Working with conviction and transparency for public transport and the travel experience.


Driving purpose RATP Group 

“Because public transit makes sense for the planet, communities, regions, and everyday life, we are committed every day to better city living.”

Non-Financial Performance Statement