Investing in local talent is at the heart of RATP Dev global strategy. We believe that our operational excellence is the result of knowledge transfer and developing local skills. This is achieved through our proven training schemes, mentoring programs and rigorous recruitment processes.


“RATP Dev has extensive experience in the Middle East and North Africa. From Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Morocco, Algeria and Egypt, our diverse talent pool offers international mobility expertise. We aspire to enhance the communities where we operate through the transfer of knowledge strengthening capability within the local workforce.”

Helena Houia

Human Resources Director, RATP Dev Middle East & North Africa



RATP Dev's ambition is to bring the RATP Group's know-how to a given place and develop the talents that exist there. 

Our human resources management system illustrates this approach and meets three key objectives:

  • To attract the best people to support our growth
  • To develop our employees’ skills and foster internal mobility
  • To assess and reward individual performance

Backing of a Group

With its 2,000 engineers, the RATP Group brings its experience and expertise to the development, operation and maintenance of transport systems across the world. 

Recruitment in close proximity to regions

Our experts and managers recruit local high potential candidates whom they train to the highest international standards in operation and maintenance. It is vital for RATP Dev to be as attentive as possible to the specificities of each territory and to recruit with care employees who will be supported in developing their skills.

In Morocco, RATP Dev Casablanca, our subsidiary which operates and maintains the tramway network in Casablanca, has been highly supportive from its opening in 2012:

  • During the first five years of operating Line 1 of the Casablanca tramway, about 20% of employees had the opportunity to move to another job or progress to a supervisory position. 
  • In 2017 and 2018, 57% of job openings were filled by internal mobility in Casablanca.
  • For the launch of Line 2 in March 2019, 40 % of the new positions were filled by internal mobility rather than external recruitment.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, our subsidiary Bombela Operating Company (BOC), which operates Africa’s top rapid regional rail – the Gautrain – implements a two-stream recruitment process both internal and external. 

  • All vacancies are first advertised internally as part of our employee development strategy to promote career advancement opportunities within the business. 
  • We build talent externally by offering grants to high school students who complete their last year in preparation for university. We offer them internships resulting in permanent positions depending on availability when they graduate. 

Transfer of skills

In many operations all over the world, RATP Dev goes further by creating training centers to pass on our transport expertise to our employees (driving, regulation and operational management). For management functions with high responsibilities (Operational Unit Director, Operations or Maintenance Director), mentoring and individualized training are provided over several months to ensure the transfer of technical and managerial skills.

In 2020, our subsidiary in the United Kingdom, RATP Dev London, committed to continuing the training of our bus drivers in new and innovative ways, despite the pandemic. This in-house virtual training has ensured our drivers remain DQC card owners and are allowed to drive by providing them with the knowledge and skills required to keep driving safely. 98.5% of attendees would recommend these courses to other drivers. This course has been praised by our client Transport for London (TfL), who requested that our Skills Academy be of support in upskilling all other London bus operators to deliver this course remotely.

In Qatar, RKH Qitarat, the joint venture made up of RATP Dev, Keolis and Hamad Group operates the first urban rail and tramway system in Doha since 2019.  This is Qatar’s first Metro, which establishes a long-term local partnership with knowledge transfer. RKH Qitarat is fully dedicated to providing job opportunities for Qatari nationals, while simultaneously fostering the potential of younger Qataris. A graduate program to support the development of Qatari nationals is underway, which is set to include a 3-month training in transportation skills, across the international subsidiaries of the joint venture. Apprenticeships, internships, leadership courses and fast track programs are all part of the transfer of skills to nationals.

In Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a multi-faceted Technology and Knowledge Transfer Program is due to be implemented within RATP Dev Capital Metro Company - SAPTCO, our subsidiary in charge of the operations and maintenance contract of the blue and red line of the Riyadh Metro. Amongst other initiatives, this program will, include career days both local and international, operations and maintenance internships as well as management and leadership training to a number of high potential national employees.

Soon in Egypt, we will see the creation of the RATP Dev Mobility Cairo Training Academy with its main purpose of transferring knowledge to nationals working on Cairo Metro Line 3 and 10th of Ramadan - New Administrative Capital City Electric Train (LRT) as well as building a culture of operational and safety excellence.

“In Algeria, our six tramway operations have successfully implemented an initiative called “Duos”.  Duos are essentially matched pairs – whereby an RATP Dev expert and a local manager – working together to support to the manager in taking over as General Manager of an operation, in over a period of 24 months.”

Promotion of internal mobility

Through the sharing of our culture of excellence with all Group employees around the world, RATP Dev is enriched by new talents who will be able to pursue their careers within the Group via internal mobility.

In 2019, several staff members from our operations in North Africa benefited from our International Mobility program and moved to Riyadh to support the implementation of both the Bus and Metro networks.  

These programs have advantages for both RATP Dev and employees alike: technical skills are retained within the organisation while individuals are given the opportunities to develop their profiles. Beyond the developing technical skills, the program is an excellent way to enrich one’s local profile by showing a strong commitment to RATP Dev, a passion for the transport business, the ability to adapt and the ambition to pursue an international career!



Skill transfer
We commit to sharing our know-how and developing local talent, wherever we operate, through the support of our experts, drawing on the international mobility experience of RATP Dev and the 120 years of expertise from RATP Group.
Growing together
All employees play an active role in deciding their career paths. We provide them with the necessary resources to help them pursue a career in their home country or abroad, positioning ourselves as a global company, enriched by international mobility.
Mentoring duo
Creation of “Duos” (binomial) between an Expat Director, with RATP Dev know-how and a local Director recruited as deputy to be trained to take over the Director role over a period of 18-24 months.
Investing in local talent
Developing skills, professions and training of local employees is a priority for RATP Dev. Supporting young people’s professional mobility through skills transfers as well.

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Helena Houia
Helena Houia
Human Resources Director, RATP Dev Middle East & North Africa
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