• Understand and analyze the territory, the supply and demand for mobility
  • Design and optimize adapted mobility solutions, well sized in relation to the public transport network (transport on demand, bicycle and electric bike, carpooling...)
  • Co-construct sustainable mobility policies on a territorial scale (mobility master plan, mobility plan) or on a company scale (employer mobility plan)
  • Supporting organizations in their relocation process by providing decision support tools that model the impact on employee travel



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Global warming, changes in our behavior following the Covid pandemic, increased congestion in city centers, the bicycle boom... The issue of mobility is more than ever at the heart of the concerns of local authorities, which must take it on board to meet the expectations of their citizens and employers.

To remain an attractive territory, local authorities must question the efficiency of existing public transport networks, devise mobility services that meet specific needs in order to allow everyone access to employment and services, deploy bicycle infrastructures, experiment with innovative services (transport on demand, autonomous shuttles, etc.) and support employers in their approach to sustainable mobility for their employees.

Identifying the right services according to usage, evaluating them, and sizing them are all part of the support offered by EM Services.

La gare routière de Rennes, un exemple de réalisation d'EM Services.
Your future. Our destination.

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