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Algiers Metro Extensions

Algiers metro dual extensions enter service

RATP Dev USA and Metro Capital team up for the blind

RATP Dev USA and Capital Metro team up with Connecthings to make travelling easier for the blind and visually impaired

100%-electric hop-on/hop-off double-decker bus

Open Tour Paris first 100%-electric, hop-on/hop-off, double-decker bus enters service

Annual Results RATP Group 2017

Annual Results RATP Group 2017

Driverless shuttles at CEA Paris-Saclay

RATP Group launches experiment in driverless shuttles at CEA Paris-Saclay

Emblematic contract in Qatar awarded

RKH Qitarat, the joint venture between RATP Dev, Keolis (SNCF Group) and Hamad Group, will operate the first Qatar public transport network

The electric bus: a key mode of transport for sustainable cities

The RATP group welcomed a C40 delegation to share its expertise in the field of electric buses

Electric sightseeing bus

Open Tour Paris launches the first 100%-electric, hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus in Paris

RATP Dev awarded to operate the urban transport network of Lorient Agglomération

Lorient Agglomération awards RATP Dev the contract to run its bus and boat network

2016 Financial and CSR Report

RATP Group 2016 Financial and CSR Report

RATP Group Foundation

Brochure of RATP Group Foundation