• Streamline federal funding approvals.
  • Provide location analysis, land acquisition, and ongoing environmental testing and assessments with the City of Bloomington.
  • Manage construction project from procurement, administration, and project completion according to the design specification.


fixed routes

3.3 million

ridership (fixed route)


paratransit riders


RATP Dev's local General Manager provided project management services to lead BPTC, the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, and BT through the entire construction project lifecycle. As the project lead, RATP Dev managed the working relationship with all involved parties, particularly FTA, and coordinated the filing of all required reports as well as all elements of the grant administration. The RATP Dev General Manager worked with local, state, and federal environmental agencies to perform the required environmental assessments, approve the process, and finally organize the proper UST removal and clean-up.

Bloomington RATP Dev USA
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