RATP Dev the operator of exclusive right-of-way public transport services in Casablanca since 2012, has confirmed the successful entry into service of the two new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lines Bw1 and Bw2 of CasaBusway in Casablanca, Morocco. This new, highly efficient, and innovative mode of mobility will make urban travel smoother and easier for residents and tourists in Morocco's commercial capital. 

This renewed confidence bears testament to the long-standing partnership between Casa Transport and RATP Dev.  That momentum began with the launch of two tramway lines T1 in 2012 and T2 2019, and continues, more than 10 years later, with the launch of the CasaBusway, integrated seamlessly into the existing public transit service. An innovative mobility solution designed to meet the growing needs for urban mobility in the Kingdom of Morocco's largest city, with a population of over three million.

High-performance bus routes for improved mobility 

Modern and fast, the Busway bring additional mobility options to the two tramway lines already in operation, and enhance the existing public transit network. The CasaBusway routes serves 42 bus stops accessible to people with reduced mobility, and will provide public transit links to the existing tramway lines. 

Combining safety, comfort, and reliability, the CasaBusway BW1 & BW2 bus routes run in dedicated lanes with faster travel times and a frequency of every five minutes and thirty seconds at rush hour.
These new buses and bus stops are equipped with innovative tools, enabling real-time monitoring of journeys and ensuring a high le vel of service quality and regularity. The highly efficient motors that drive these buses ensure low energy consumption, improving travel conditions while complying with the city's environmental commitments. 

For Hiba Farès, RATP Dev’s CEO: "We are honored by the confidence that Casa Transport has shown in us for this important project to the daily lives of the people of Casablanca. It reflects our understanding of the societal challenges of urban mobility, and testifies to our commitment to supporting cities to promote access for all to quality transport services."  

"Fast, accessible and environmentally friendly, the "CasaBusway" service complements the metropole’s public transport offering by adding 2 exclusive right-of-way lines to Casablanca's existing tramway network. The aim is to make urban travel easier thanks to this combined service, in close collaboration with RATP Dev Casablanca, which is in charge of the operations. This is a lasting partnership to ensure that the people of Casablanca can travel in complete safety, security, quality and fluidity", says Nabil Belabed, Managing Director of Casa Transport

Close collaboration between Casa Transport and RATP Dev 
The teams from RATP Dev Casablanca are also entrusted with operating, maintaining, and developing the streetcar network in Casablanca. They have helped recruit and train 102 drivers to make sure the CasaBusway keeps running smoothly. 
RATP Dev teams also supervised the trial run from 2023, to check the entire system in real-life conditions, make final adjustments and, verify that the staff are familiar with and apply the procedures associated with this new mode of transportation.