RATP Dev Casablanca, the RATP Dev subsidiary in Morocco that has been maintaining and developing the Casablanca tramway network for more than eight years, recently obtained triple certification for Quality (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). This hat-trick illustrates the teams’ desire to offer passengers on the Casablanca network a top-quality, efficient, and safe service that meets the highest international standards. 

This triple certification is the fruit of a methodical strategy undertaken by our Moroccan subsidiary in 2017, starting with the ISO 9001(2015) certification for its maintenance operations. Two years later, the operator received the ISO 9001 certification, which was renewed in 2019. In 2021, RATP Dev Casablanca has entered a new phase in its QHSE approach by obtaining a triple certification for Quality (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), and Environmental Management (ISO 14001). 

Why aim for triple certification?

This triple certification demonstrates RATP Dev Casablanca’s operational excellence and its desire to achieve levels of quality, occupational health & safety, and environmental management that meet the highest international standards. Led by the local QHSE teams and put together with the involvement of our employees, this approach has resulted in the formulation of methods to achieve the ambitious objectives targeted by the company. Amid a context where the city is currently expanding its public transport network, this accomplishment is proof positive that our RATP Dev Casablanca teams have successfully upgraded their skills. High service level buses and the T3 and T4 tramway lines will be entering service in 2023. 

This triple certification allows us to anticipate our growth in the best possible conditions, both in terms of our workforce and our network, which is expanding and becoming multimodal,” explained Rachid Limouni, QHSE Director of RATP Dev Casablanca. 

This drive for continuous improvement is perfectly in line with the stringent standards of the public transport authority, Casa Transports SA. In addition to economic performance, those standards relate to all facets of our operations for the benefit of our employees and the passengers.

Shared benefits

With this achievement, RATP Dev Casablanca is joining the ranks of the three RATP Dev subsidiaries already QHSE certified: Bombela Operating Company B.O.C. in South Africa, Autolinee Toscana in Italy, and RKH Qitarat in Qatar (a joint venture between RATP Dev, Keolis, and Hamad Group for the operation and maintenance of the Doha automatic metro and the Lusail tramway lines) 

The implementation of this QHSE approach is beneficial for the company, the public transport authorities, and the passengers. Operational efficiency, occupational health & safety, environmental management, and improved service quality: this is a critical milestone for our operations and a key tool for steering our performance and becoming exemplary at all levels.