Setram, the operator of Algeria’s tramway networks in Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sidi-Bel-Abbès, Ouargla and Sétif, has just equipped its rail training centre with a driving simulator room. The innovative tool closely simulates reality to further enhance the professionalism of Setram tramway drivers.

Setram operates six tramway lines including three new ones in the last two years, along with an extension, and therefore needs a cutting-edge tool to train its 550 drivers. The operator has accordingly decided to equip its Algiers training centre with a driving simulator room to achieve a two-fold objective: raise the level of training quality for its driving operatives and guarantee maximum traffic safety along tramway lines.

Cutting-edge equipment 
Setram finally opted for the Spanish company Lander, which has some 300 rail simulators located in over 50 countries, to equip its training room. In addition to an instructor’s station, the simulator room has four training stations plus one for duplicating exercises. Training stations are equipped with a comprehensive driving dashboard and three aerodynamic monitors providing the same visual environment as a ‘real’ driver’s cab. A rear monitor makes it possible for drivers to simulate manoeuvres performed outside the cab. 

As close as possible to reality
A pedestrian suddenly diving onto the platform, a car jumping lights at a crossroads, thick fog, heavy rain… By reproducing situations which cannot be organised in the field, simulators prepare drivers in training to face this kind of situation in real life. Trainee drivers start learning on one of the simulators and thus acquire the right reactions faster and in more depth. They can then reproduce their exercises in the duplication station to appreciate their mistakes more effectively until they fully master all driving instructions and how to manage worsening situations. Another benefit of these simulators is that they do not disrupt the operation of ‘training’ trams in the operations centre. 

Even more professionalism and safety
The minister of works and public transport and the Wali of Algiers inaugurated the Setram simulator room on 14 October, which will be operational in January 2020. The simulator room will be used for basic driver training and to improve the skills of current drivers. Virtual training will be supplemented by field training. Thanks to these new tools, Setram now provides all vocational training in-house using its own reference trainers based on RATP processes.