SETRAM, RATP Dev subsidiary operating Algeria’s tramways, has helped families impacted by COVID-19 during Ramadan.

In Algeria, the consequences of the health crisis have been particularly difficult for hundreds of families. SETRAM teamed up with neighbourhood charities during Ramadan to set up a community initiative to issue food parcels to families in need in the six cities where SETRAM operates: Algiers, Oran, Constantine, Sidi Bel Abbès, Sétif and Ouargla. 

Forging a community chain with local charities 

Working with local authorities, each SETRAM unit selected a reliable caritative organisation to define the needs of the populace together and identify the families concerned. Per site, some eighty parcels were made up by our teams and distributed to the identified families via SETRAM vehicles.  

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen 

The solidarity campaign is part of the SETRAM CSR approach in line with the values and commitments of RATP Dev. As a key player in Algeria, SETRAM considered it vital to work with the most vulnerable local families, particularly during Ramadan, a time for sharing. In every country where RATP Dev operates, staff members commit to local populations and territories on an ongoing basis.  

The six charities selected for this operation are: 

  • Association nationale de volontariat & association SIDRA 
  • Association des jeunes intellectuels
  • Associations Ness El Khir
  • Association jeunesse volontaire
  • Association des malades cœliaques
  • Association El-Irchad wa El-Ishah