After an audit on 11-14 December 2017 OrlyVal had its ISO 9001, 2015 version certification renewed on Thursday, 17 January 2018.

First, there was the EFQM diploma of excellence awarded in September 2017. Then, the latest certification confirmed the application of, and continuous improvement in, quality management at OrlyVal. The auditors deemed the service’s organisation clear, original and particularly relevant. 

Ever since 2012, when ISO 9001 certification was first awarded, the committed effort and support from RATP*, Orlyval partner in renovating the line, have ensured an acknowledged level of excellence. “Top of the range” service to passengers remains the guiding principle and priority for the driverless metro line that connects Orly international airport to the Antony RER (regional express network) station. 

Our challenge is to continue in this direction in an increasingly competitive environment, which is also a source of opportunity”, stated OrlyVal Director Valencia Soledad. “We will always have the committed support of our partners in this approach and the wholehearted commitment of our 90 staff members. Our strength lies in our human capital, the trade mark of our know-how in the burgeoning sector of driverless metro systems. We commit to maintaining this and adapting it to new technologies and services.”

The quality management system at OrlyVal is built on six processes: 
-            Policy and strategic development
-            Leadership and performance
-            HR
-            Customer service
-            Maintenance
-            Procurement, warehouses.

With this base it is possible to steer, analyse performance, submit proposals for improvement and implement them to contribute to the company’s strategic objectives.

Paying attention to and fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers while guaranteeing a fast, reliable connection – that is the statement of OrlyVal commitment on a day-to-day basis”, stated Valencia Soledad in conclusion. 

* RATP owns the infrastructure of Orlyval, a subsidiary of RATP Dev.