Bibus and Brest métropole are setting up passenger committees to garner the opinions of public transport passengers. 

One of the main features of Mobility Week in Brest was the first passenger committee meeting to be held by Bibus and Brest Metropole, which afforded an opportunity that complied with current health measures to collect the impressions of passengers using the city’s public transport network and thereby continuously improve their experience. 

Three one-hour meetings will be hosted by Bibus every year. Meetings will be held at appropriate times at the end of the day to enable as many passengers as possible to attend. Each meeting will involve 20 attendees of different ages and profiles in two groups of ten. Bibus intends to collect opinions from a panel that represents the widest number of passengers and allow each voice to be heard. This opportunity for discussion and exchange will enable passengers to share what they think about the network’s services and news and specifically changes in line, pricing, innovations and passenger information. Bibus will use the collected information to continuously improve its services over the long term. 

All Bibus passengers can attend these meetings by sending a message to including their contact details. A useful intiative, close to passengers, accessible to everyone, which provides Bibus with an on-the-ground vision to improve passengers’ experience continuously.