Data, the game changer for maintenance  

Maintenance operations rank as one of the main cost items and reduce the availability of the equipment, so optimizing them as much as possible is of paramount importance. As connected equipment (sensors, IoT, etc.) has become more widely available, transport operators have gained access to a large amount of data on both the infrastructure and rolling stock. Often under-exploited, the data available actually offers a real opportunity to optimize maintenance. 

Maint'Up: RATP Dev's digital maintenance solution 

RATP Dev has designed a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that gathers, centralizes and analyses existing data from all its equipment to optimize maintenance and facilitate the daily work of its teams. 

By delivering the right information to each user via an ergonomic interface, the solution helps to optimize the frequency of maintenance operations, reduce the use of spare parts, improve upstream understanding of failures and speed up equipment troubleshooting. 

It contributes to reducing the total cost of ownership of equipment, facilitating maintenance operations as well as improving the reliability and performance of the network.  

The solution addresses 4 main challenges: 

Integrating all the equipment in a single interface 

Train, bus, metro, tramway, station, infrastructure, signaling. 

Responding to operational needs 

And to specific use cases. 

Ensuring that the data can be interpreted by all teams 

Operations teams, maintenance teams, business/data experts, managers.

Optimizing all types of maintenance 

From corrective maintenance to predictive maintenance.