Data is everywhere

Public transport generates millions of collectable items of data every day. With the skyrocketing number of Internet-connected devices, sensors, and information systems, the volume of data is growing exponentially.

Until those data are processed, they have no value. But if properly collected, cross-referenced and analysed, they provide valuable insights that we can use to optimise the operational performance of our networks and improve the passenger experience. 

DataMobility, the RATP Dev programme to harness the full potential of data

RATP Dev offers its Public Transport Authority (PTA) clients a comprehensive range of tools that let them harness the full potential of their collectable data and optimise the efficiency of their transport networks.

To better serve our clients, we are currently rolling out the “DataMobility” programme to all our transport networks, based on two strategic pillars:

DataMobility Management

RATP Dev helps each network establish a data strategy and organisation to optimise the collection and processing of its data, while maintaining compliance with the applicable data protection regulations.    

DataMobility Tools

RATP Dev uses a range of powerful and proprietary business tools to capitalise on the value of the data collected by our networks.

Big Data

In figures

With no additional investment, rolling out the DataMobility programme opens a pathway to clear and definite improvements in our operational efficiency:


improvement in the level of comfort inside the trains on the Casablanca tramway network


more fare evasion detected and fined through more targeted inspections on the Lorient CTRL bus network, with no additional investment


improvement in punctuality indicators on the SETRAM tramway network in Oran

Focus on two Big Data tools

As part of our DataMobility programme, RATP Dev is working with specialist start-ups to roll out a set of tools based on the latest Big Data & AI technologies in order to offer solutions to the biggest problems faced by transport operators in terms of operation, maintenance, safety, and performance. For instance, both tools presented below grew out of a special partnership with a start-up called Citio. 

CITIO Analytics, to optimise operational efficiency.

The system gives the operator a way to analyse ticketing and operating data using a range of modules: “Operation” (monitoring of contractual operating indicators), “Ridership” (analysis of on-board passenger numbers), “Dynamic Replay” (visualisation of a day’s operation), “Simulation” (predictive simulation of an alternative transport solution). A simple and comprehensive solution for understanding actual passenger flows, usage, and managing network efficiency. 

CITIO FraudTracker, the smart way to combat fare evasion.

Citio FraudTracker is a SaaS tool that uses Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to make fare evasion evaluation easier and more reliable. By predicting the peak time for fare evasion at a given stop, the tool enables optimised targeting of ticket inspections and maximises the associated revenue (issuance of fines, fare recovery, etc.).