• Provide simpler, more comfortable, modern, innovative and technologically advanced local transportation in Tuscany, to ensure the highest standards of service in Europe.
  • Attention to the specific geographical features of the areas where we operate, giving value to local know-how
  • Set in motion a new era of public transport, with the employees and the passengers as core concerns




employees, including 33 drivers


million kilometers traveled every year


Autolinee Toscane S.p.A. has been fully owned by RATP Dev since 2007; the subsidiary primarily operates bus services around Florence. Autolinee Toscane operates vehicles around Mugello, Valdarno, Chianti, Val di Sieve and Arezzo, totaling 1.7 million kilometers every year. Autolinee Toscane S.p.A guarantees reliable, flexible service to meet passenger demand in both small towns and larger cities like Florence and Arezzo.

The company intends to change transportation in Tuscany for the better by offering high-quality public transit services that allow passengers to rediscover the all that the region has to offer.
Autolinee Toscane also owns 33% of Li-nea S.p.A., which operates a portion of Florenceā€™s urban transit service (5.6 million km per year).

Autolinee Toscane won the Local Public Tranport (TPL) tender launched by the Region of Tuscany. The company now holds the concession for all public transport in Tuscany for the next 11 years. This successful outcome is the result of a solid project aimed at developing and improving the bus service, with over 5,000 employees and 2,000 buses covering 106 million km per year. To achieve this goal, Autolinee Toscane presented an innovative and practical project. Under the management of Autolinee Toscane, which will begin at the end of the technical handover process, the challenge and commitment is to create a great consolidated service to meet the demand and raise the level of quality. 

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