MEDIATRANSPORTS and RATP are launching an experiment in the Paris metro to encourage microdonations,

particularly for Restos du Coeur, the first charity to benefit from this innovative concept. The

system is simple: screens equipped with contactless payment technology have been installed on the landing

doors in Concorde station on line 1 to make it easier for passengers to donate.

Thanks to these screens equipped with NFC sensors (based on near-field communication, a contactless technology), developed by the Ingenico group, metro users can now make small donations (€2 or €5) to Restos du Cœur simply by tapping their bank card on the screen.   

Valérie Decamp, CEO of MEDIATRANSPORTS, explains: "This experiment is part of MEDIATRANSPORTS' strategy to roll out, in addition to advertising, new types of service for passengers, similar to what is now being done in terms of cultural event services at the metro kiosk, installed in December 2018 in the Saint-Lazare metro".

Patricia Delon, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at RATP: "By introducing this micro-donation scheme for users, RATP is letting charities test new forms of fundraising in the huge laboratory that is the Paris metro. This new system also enhances travellers' travel time."

In the existing context of the decline in charitable giving, Patrice Blanc, Volunteer Chair of Restos du Cœur, adds: "We are constantly looking to test the most innovative forms of fundraising and how to approach donors. This experience, made possible thanks to the Saxoprint Creative Awards competition, which is sponsored by MEDIATRANSPORTS, fulfils this brief. We hope it will help to instil new habits in donors."