The Kicéo network operated by RATP Dev has had a new fleet of 50 self-service electric bikes since June 9th to round out its intermodal offering. 

The new bikes are modern, ecological, fast and comfortable and are intended to encourage the use of soft modes and meet travel needs of all the conurbation’s inhabitants, as well as tourists (of whom there are many in the summer). The Vélocéo system consists of a fleet of 50 electrically-assisted bikes. It is spread across six stations in the city. Three very reasonable price packages are offered, one by the day and two by the year.  

“We’re proud to offer this ecological service that rounds out our intermodal offering and ensures daily travel, but also makes it possible to discover Vannes in a different way”, stated Kicéo Director Nicolas Rambaud. “We can thus contribute to the RATP Dev commitment to a smart, more sustainable city everywhere in the world.”

The system is proposed by Golfe du Morbihan Vannes Agglomération and is managed by Kicéo with support from a local supplier in charge of maintenance. 

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