RATP Dev London, which includes London United Busways, London Sovereign and Quality Line, scooped up several prizes at the 2019 UK Bus Awards, which rewarded the expertise of our London subsidiary and the ability of its drivers to ensure excellent service.

The UK Bus Awards have been paying tribute and encouraging best practice by bus operators and transport authorities in the United Kingdom for over twenty years. The prizes showcase among others exemplary actions in customer service.

RATP Dev London performed particularly well at the 24th event held on 19 November and won five prizes: 
-    Wasiq Ali, Driver at Stamford Brook Garage, won the highly prestigious “Gold Winner” in the “Top London Bus Driver” category
-     Eddie Hollis, Driving Examiner, Chuk Ejakita, Driver Trainer Supervisor/Garage Relief Manager and Roy Barrett, Working Charge Hand at Tolworth garage, each received a Special Commendation for ‘Outstanding Service’
-    The Zero Emission Vehicles Project at Shepherd’s Bush was a shortlisted finalist for the environment award.

“Top London Bus Driver” Wasiq Ali: an exemplary driver and real ambassador for transport in London

RATP Dev London is very proud to see Wasiq Ali win the “Top London Bus Driver” award, one of the most prestigious prizes in the competition. Wasiq Ali has been a driver at the Stamford Brook garage for five years and nine months. He works on several routes as a spare driver and also serves the position of Hello London Champion, created by TfL, in a support and advisory capacity for other drivers working for all London operators in order to promote great customer service excellence. 

If Wasiq Ali was identified for this prize it is because he is an outstanding driver, a committed professional who perfectly satisfies his customers and his colleagues. As a genuine ambassador for transport in London, Wasiq Ali epitomises all the qualities expected of a London bus driver with an international reputation. Wasiq Ali goes far beyond his ‘bus driver’ responsibilities with a single ambition: to offer outstanding quality of service.

The award jury particularly appreciated his exemplary service and work as a ‘role model’ for other drivers. Wasiq is always paying attention to the well-being of his passengers, be they an elderly person getting on or off the bus, helping someone suffering from an asthma attack, informing passengers of their upcoming stop, warning passengers about pickpockets or just taking the time to talk with passengers… These are all actions that Wasiq does every day sincerely and naturally.