Wednesday, June 13th, three RATP Group drivers including Maher Bounaouara, driver at Vienne Mobilités (L’va network), won prizes at the Golden Bus Award competition. This is fine recognition for their professionalism promoting the safety and comfort of our passengers and the environment!

There were various sections in the competition such as driving technique (maneuverability, ease of access at the stop, backwards slalom and precision stopping), impact in terms of sustainable development (measurement of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions), customer relations (welcome, driving comfort) and a multiple-choice questionnaire, etc. – during which some sixty competitors took part from all over France.

Bachir Elgouille, RATP driver from the Défense Ouest bus depot, won the championship for French bus drivers, while Maher Bounaouara, driver at Vienne Mobilités (L’va network), the RATP Dev subsidiary in Vienne in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, won first prize in the “Young Driver” category and finished 5th overall. And Ludovic Le Moual, RATP'driver, managed a sixth place in the 2018 event, which was particularly fruitful for RATP Group! 
Safety and customer experience are two key priorities for our group. The competition always pays tribute to our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we operate transport networks. 

Congrats to our three winners for their excellent performance! 

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