During European Mobility Week, RATP Dev subsidiary STU Bourges has enhanced its bus transport offering with a rental service of conventional and electric bicycles. The test operation aims to promote this soft mobility solution.

The inhabitants of the twenty municipalities covered by AggloBus have been making the most of a new bicycle rental service since 16 September. This attractive solution has been baptised Cycloplus and was launched by our subsidiary STU Bourges, which has been operating the AggloBus local network since 2011. The aim is to make it possible for locals to rent a conventional bicycle for six months at no charge or an electric bicycle for one euro per day over one, three or six months. (It is also possible to rent one for a further month without exceeding seven months in total.) A mobile AggloBus agency is crisscrossing the region to help promote the new service in each municipality. The roving facility informs inhabitants and can also organise a bicycle rental, create a bus season ticket and find the right season ticket solution. Launched as an experiment until June 2022, this ecological solution could become a permanent feature in the Bourges conurbation if successful.

Performance and safety 

With an 11A battery offering a range of between 40 and 75 km, a display screen to adjust the level of electric assistance and manage the battery, an engine housed in the front wheel, an anti-theft device and basket on the front, the 75 electric bicycles combine comfort and performance. As for safety, AggloBus is using the expertise of a bicycle maintenance technician who works to prepare the bicycles, support their rental and usage and also ensure maintenance in the event of an incident and carry out a comprehensive check-up after each rental. 

A great initiative from STU Bourges to strengthen its transport offering and improve inhabitants' quality of life while promoting soft and sustainable mobility in the conurbation.