An ‘all-in-one’ MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution will provide a multimodal mobility experience for passengers on the TAC network operated by RATP Dev.

The RATP group is set to launch a new version of the TAC Mobilités mobile app via its RATP Dev subsidiary and Annemasse Agglo. The app collects theoretical and/or real-time public transport information in the Annemasse area (TAC network, car sharing and SNCF) and Geneva (TPG and CFF networks) to provide a multimodal service.

The new version of the TAC Mobilités mobile app has a single gateway to real-time local travel options covering complementary modes of transport: TAC and TPG public transport, carpooling, taxis and parking spaces. E-tickets for the TAC network, available on another app since autumn 2017, are also stored in the app. Thanks to this new integration, passengers can now find travel information and buy and validate tickets in one app.

Future app developments to come in 2019 include adding new modes of transport managed by different operators and integrating mobile payment options, aiming to create an advanced MaaS solution. 

This new mobile app is the RATP group’s first real ‘MaaS’ solution offering all passenger services (information, journey planning, purchases/bookings, ticket validation) for multiple modes of transport: public transport, car sharing, carpooling, taxis and parking spaces.

According to Laurence Batlle, RATP Dev Chief Executive Officer: "With this MaaS solution, RATP Dev is aiming to make transport accessible to all, no matter the time or place, by using all available public and private options to meet the needs of tomorrow’s cities".

The TAC Mobilités mobile app is the result of co-operation between RATP Dev, start-up Instant System and RATP Smart Systems, an RATP group subsidiary specialising in smart mobility systems and ticketing.

Focus on Annemasse Agglo
Annemasse Agglo (Annemasse Urban Area) in Haute-Savoie covers 12 municipalities: Ambilly, Annemasse, Bonne, Cranves-Sales, Etrembières, Gaillard, Juvigny, Lucinges, Machilly, Saint-Cergues, Vétraz-Monthoux and Ville-la-Grand. With a population of over 90,000, Annemasse Agglo is the second largest urban centre in Greater Geneva, a metropolis of one million people.
The RATP group operates the urban transport network in the Annemasse area and cross-border links to Geneva via local subsidiary TP2A (Annemasse Urban Area Public Transport), a joint venture between RATP Dev and Geneva Public Transport.