The Tamy transport-on-demand service in Mantes-la-Jolie, run by RATP Group subsidiary RATP Dev on behalf of GPS&O and Ile-de-France Mobilités, is being modernised with assistance from start-up Yuso. 

The service boasts a new booking facility for passengers since 27 March 2019 via a smartphone app and website to supplement the booking system which can be accessed by telephone and e-mail. The solution is based on innovative technology developed by the Yuso start-up that makes it possible to consolidate, book and track journeys in real time with fellow passengers going in the same direction. 

Developed in partnership with GPS&O, the aim of digitizing services is to offer passengers a flexible and more accessible experience, increase service availability thanks to high-performance consolidation technology and enhance service quality with better dispatching of geo-tagged vehicles. The digital enhancement has been implemented on a system currently in operation without interrupting or changing passenger service. 

RATP Dev has been running Tamy since 2007. Tamy covers 30 municipalities around Mantes-la-Jolie in the west of the greater Paris region, in conjunction with the urban transport offering and transports some 10,000 passengers yearly. According to Christophe Vacheron, Greater Paris regional director at RATP Dev, “RATP Dev is committed to facilitating travel for everyone using ever more effective, attractive and connected solutions that are completely integrated in our regions. Digitization has been phased in since January 2019 to guarantee uninterrupted passenger service and is transforming Tamy into a micro-transit real-time platform for the municipalities around Mantes.”

RATP Dev promotes transport-on-demand in addition to public transport services for specific needs. Thanks to its partnership with Yuso, which has developed a comprehensive and dynamic transport-on-demand solution, RATP Dev now fields a service offering tailored to averagely dense regions for a broader demographic. RATP Dev was the first operator to launch a dynamic transport-on-demand service in the United Kingdom in July 2016 (“Slide Bristol”). 

How does Tamy work?
Once the passenger has downloaded the app, s/he can sign up to the service to book a journey 24 hours a day in just three clicks and instantly receive confirmation of the trip. 
To book, just state the target departure time and the destination. Tamy then offers a journey from the nearest stop which is optimised for other passenger journey requests to consolidate them. The arrival time at the destination takes account of the fact that other passengers may be on board.
One hour before the pick-up, the passenger can track the arrival of the vehicle in real time using his or her smartphone. 
About GPS&O
Grand Paris Seine & Oise, a conurbation resulting from the merger of six groupings of municipalities in the north of the Yvelines department, came into effect on 1 January 2016. It stretches over 500 sq. km and is home to 405,000 inhabitants in 73 municipalities. It is therefore the biggest conurbation in France with a size that makes it the 13th biggest public inter-municipal cooperation establishment in the country.

About YUSO
Yuso developed a white label technological platform aimed at urban transport-on-demand services operated by our customers, taxi companies, rental vehicles with drivers, ambulances, delivery vehicles and a TOD solution. Yuso provides fleets with the most innovative dispatching tool on the market which is completely automated and based on real-time optimisation algorithms to hand both bookings in advance and instant reservations. Yuso is part of the Flit Technologies group, which is 75% owned by RCI Bank and Services, a subsidiary of Renault Group offering a comprehensive range of financing, insurance service solutions for customers of the Alliance makes.