In response to an upturn in road accidents in Casablanca in 2017 (up 12% compared with 2016, with a rise of 4% on the tram network alone), RATP Dev Casablanca is working hard in partnership with local and governmental authorities to encourage road users to be more careful.

The Tram Service: a Victim of Its Own Success 
Nearly 162 million passengers have taken the tram in Casablanca—a figure that reflects the success of the service, five years after it was launched. Casablanca’s residents have become so used to it that many have stopped paying attention, resulting in more frequent accidents. The situation is unacceptable in the eyes of RATP Dev Casablanca and Casa Transports, for whom the safety of passengers and road users is an absolute priority. 

A High-Impact Campaign to Raise Awareness 
Everyone is being encouraged to be more careful around the trams, from pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists to people pulling carts or driving taxis, vans, etc. Posters reminding people that trams are heavy and powerful have been put up around the city and in the trams themselves, while radio stations are broadcasting reminders for people to stay alert. This hard-hitting campaign is part of RATP Dev’s overall safety strategy. 

Mobilizing Resources Internally
A number of measures have been taken internally to support this major public campaign. They include identifying risk areas to improve urban design, deploying 300 employees to work on the safety of goods and passengers (more than half the workforce), using surveillance cameras, and monitoring tram drivers through a special program called ITKAN.

A Coordinated Action Plan in Collaboration with the Authorities
To step up efforts, the subsidiary is also working with city authorities and government agencies. Forty police officers are monitoring the tram network around the clock, while local RATP Dev teams are taking part in awareness-raising initiatives for children in schools, with the help of the National Committee for the Prevention of Road Accidents (CNPAC). 

A Strong Commitment from All to Improve Safety
The Casablanca operation comes in the wake of a similar initiative that took place at the end of 2017 in Valenciennes, where the network teamed up with all the other stakeholders in the city to hold a day of events dedicated to road safety. Going beyond its role as a transit operator, RATP Dev has adopted a responsible approach as a key stakeholder in the city, and has positioned itself as the partner of choice for local and governmental bodies on issues relating to safety, to which it is more committed than ever.