As an RATP Dev subsidiary, EM Services supports companies, towns, cities and regional authorities in addressing their transport and mobility challenges. Spotlight on this activity on the occasion of the launch of its new web showcase. 

The mission of EM (Entreprises Mobilité) Services is to understand the mobility needs of its clients with a 360-degree view covering all forms of mobility to devise and size up solutions tailored to their context. 

External and internal clients

In addition to its external clients - companies, real estate players (approximately 60% of business) and towns and regional authorities - EM Services works on support assignments when taking part in bids or works directly with operations subsidiaries of RATP Dev. For example, in 2019 EM Services helped design the CycloPlus electric bike solution for the STU Bourges subsidiary. 

Unrivalled expertise

EM Services has a wide range of assets to meet the expectations of its clients, as its director, Anne-France Rivière, points out. “Our main strengths are our operational knowledge of all aspects of mobility, our vision as an integrator and our marketing approach to mobility with a true understanding of uses. Our membership of RATP Group also gives us genuine credibility and a practical approach to mobility issues.”

Website overhauled to gain visibility

More simplicity, client practical cases, a more modern design, a harmonised and consistent style guide, optimised automatic listing on Google... EM Services has had a new web showcase for some months. 

Why overhaul the website?  Two main reasons:

  • Align the website with the new offering in consulting services by EM Services, which has historically focused on companies and is now concentrating increasingly on towns and regions.
  • Optimise the digital change to gain in commercial efficiency.  

Ambitious objectives 

The objective for 2020 is to gain in commercial efficiency by focusing on two main drivers: a stronger digital presence, in particular on social media, and deploy a carefully-considered business strategy for managing client relations. 

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