Réseau des Transports Urbains Laonnois, which is operated by RATP Dev, is fielding its first bus to run on natural gas. An ecological choice for the future to reduce our carbon footprint today.

Improve air quality and recycle agriculture and household waste as natural gas. This is the challenge faced by the first clean vehicle inaugurated in Laon in early January 2020 alongside the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Laon.  

Significant environmental virtues 

This clean technology reduces the level of particles by 95% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 50% compared to the latest standard in effect, the Euro VI norm, which is the most restrictive. Another benefit of natural gas is the 50% reduction in noise compared to a diesel engine. This performance is highly appreciated by passengers and locals and put natural gas in the Crit Air1* category, which means the bus can run in restricted traffic areas even during peaks of pollution.

Toward biogas to help the circular economy

The Laon conurbation awaits the delivery of a second natural gas bus in June 2020 and other orders should follow. These buses will later run on biogas, a renewable gas extracted from biomethane. The future waste water treatment plant in Laon should make it possible to inject gas from the methane process into the distribution grid. In choosing this alternative to biogas, the city is helping local energy production and embracing a circular economy rationale. The transition to a natural gas fleet of buses is being arranged in partnership with Gaz Réseaux Distribution France (GRDF), which is coordinating operations and modifying grids. 

"There are a lot of projects for producing biogas around Laon. The aim is to embrace the circular economy and reinject biogas in buses for the conurbation", explains Laon Mayor Eric Delhaye. 

RATP Dev, committed to more sustainable mobility 

This initiative in Laon is part of the overall approach by RATP Dev, an actor committed to sustainable mobility that preserves the environment. Less noise, less noise disruption, less pollution… RATP Dev is deploying innovative solutions to support cities in the face of these major challenges. RATP Dev already operates six natural gas buses on Open Tour sightseeing lines, 33 on the urban network in Bourges including two hybrid NG vehicles (a first for France) and an initial NG coach in STI Centre for the Rémi 36 line between Chateauroux and Bourges. 

* Air quality certificate issued by the Ecological and Solidarity Transition ministry certifying compliance with the EURO standard on polluting emissions.