OptiWay is an innovative solution which was previewed by the RATP group’s LAB at the 2018 Viva Technology fair. OptiWay enables organisations to incorporate transport and mobility into their HR and property strategies.

OptiWay is a powerful decision-making tool and enables Property, HR and CSR managers to take employees’ transport conditions into account in their strategies and decision-making.

Managers use the OptiWay platform to simulate on different time scales an unlimited number of scenarios relating to property locations, groups of sites and employee relocation to potential new sites (offices, co-working spaces, etc.). They gain instant and independent access to a control panel covering employees’ journeys on public transport, in private vehicles, on bike and on foot, and can visualise the impacts of their choices in terms of time and convenience, economic impact and CO2 emissions.

“OptiWay is designed to meet the demands of our corporate clients for whom transport represents an increasingly important factor in terms of attracting and retaining talent, quality of life at work and productivity,” says Anne-France Rivière, Director of EM Services.

“This solution makes a valuable contribution in addressing issues relating to sustainable cities, considering property and mobility jointly, and ensuring decisions on social and environmental impacts are made upstream,” she adds.

A subsidiary of RATP Dev, EM Services (Entreprises et Mobilité Services) is an operational consultancy in transport and sustainable mobility that achieves greater responsiveness and autonomy for its corporate clients while allowing them to benefit from the RATP group’s expertise in processing mobility data.

To learn more please contact: Anne-France Rivière - Anne-France.riviere@ratpdev.com