RATP Dev is partnering with the 49th Interceltic Festival in Lorient from 2 to 11 August. Its CTRL subsidiary will be adapting its mobility resources to strengthen its local presence and commitment to the region’s cultural life.

Lorient will beat to the rhythm of the Celtic music festival in Lorient for ten days and ten nights. Boasting 750,000 visitors, 120 shows and 4,500 artists, this is one of the most esteemed festivals in Europe.

As a key actor in the Lorient conurbation since January 2018 thanks to its intermodal network of bus lines and water shuttle services, CTRL fields a tailored mobility system to make festival-goers’ travel easy. Regular lines will be extended from daytime service to 10 p.m.; a night service from 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. will be provided along with a special system for the Grand Parade on Sunday, 4 August. CTRL will be fielding boats and buses from Lorient, Lanester and Locmiquélic for this high point of the festival to ensure easier access to events. Another CTRL initiative is a 3-euro ticket (instead of the standard 4.5-euro rate). 

Many of the CTRL boats and buses will be sporting the colours of the festival and of Galicia, the special guest of the 49th festival throughout the event. This should prompt local curiosity and promote public transport! 

350,000 euros invested by CTRL for the dedicated system
A hundred CTRL staff members involved

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