Groupement Local de Coopération Transfrontalière (GLCT Téléphérique du Salève) once again demonstrated its trust in Société du Salève (STS), a company 51% owned by RATP Dev, 47% owned by Transports Publics Genevois and 2% owned by COMAG.

In the course of the new contract the Téléphérique du Salève site will be entirely renovated and will meet Natura 2000 protected area criteria. This is an ambitious project in which Société du Téléphérique du Salève will participate in contributing 28% of the overall amount of forecast costs along with a commercial contribution. The project will be grounded in three major values for the site: Nature, Culture and Leisure.

The latest stage in the site’s development is scheduled to begin in May 2022 after 20 months of modernization work. As the transport operator since 2013, STS has successfully accompanied the cable car service’s expansion. Patronage has surged by over 50% since 2013, making Téléphérique du Salève a major sightseeing attraction for the Geneva region.

> Focus on RATP Group and overhead cable car transit

Although mostly perceived as a sightseeing attraction, overhead cable car mass transit is a solution in the future for the emergence of sustainable cities to address the issues of increasing density and congestion as local authorities’ resources contract.
With 80 urban services at present and over 200 projects identified worldwide, overhead cable car transit is booming and is emerging as a mass transit solution in its own right to complement other modes. 
These are the needs and specific aspects that RATP Group wanted to address in teaming up with Eiffage and POMA to launch the UP offering in November 2018. The new overhead cable car offer is intended to offer public sector decision-makers a turn-key solution with management of the entire chain from design to maintenance and operation of overhead cable car transit in urban environments.