Since September 16, a bank card can be used as a ticket on the Bibus urban network in Brest metropole.

Passengers no longer need to purchase a paper ticket in Brest to use the Bibus bus or tramway network. All they have to do is board and present their contactless bank card at the validation terminal to operate the payment.

Making access to public transport easier

Once payment is accepted, the bank card replaces the ticket, which means passengers can access the transport network more simply, safely and intuitively. Passengers can then use connections between the various transport modes for 60 minutes at no additional cost. All of this is provided at exactly the same price as a paper ticket: €1.60. Group travel is also possible for up to six individuals; the bank card has to be presented only once for payment. If inspected, presenting the payment card to the inspector provides proof of payment for the journey.

Improving passenger service

This innovative service deployed by Brest metropole, Bibus, Mastercard and CIC helps improve quality of service for passengers. By cutting down the number of sales by drivers, ticket printing and dealing with coins, wait times at each stop are reduced in favour of driving time. This ultimately means improved speed and greater punctuality at stops along the transport network. Dematerialized ticketing offers another valuable feature according to RATP Dev: it is part of the nationwide approach to the energy transition and it motivates passengers to adopt more virtual behaviour for more sustainable mobility. The deployment of contactless payment solutions on the Bibus network also contributes to health safety on the city's buses and trams. 

Open Payment is a strong commitment in our contract with Brest metropole. We are proud to deploy this innovation in the region that helps improve passenger experience in public transport.” Paul Gardey de Soos, Bibus managing director.