RATP Dev subsidiary RATP El Djazaïr and Entreprise Métro d’Alger have exhibited works by artist Abdenour Hamoudi in the Place-des-Martyrs metro station in the beginning of the year.

RATP El Djazaïr and Entreprise Métro d’Alger have invited Algiers metro passengers to find out more about the cultural values of Algeria. 

The Place-des-Martyrs metro station doubled up as what can only be described as an underground art gallery thanks to the “Metro Casbah” exhibition by 29-year-old artist Abdenour Hamoudi, who hails from Kouba. 

The exhibition focused on the theme of Algerian identity and explored the relationship between the legendary Algiers casbah (the historic district of the Algiers Old Town included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) and the metro. It followed the artist’s career chronologically and the influence of his experiences, doubts and struggles for recognition.

Giving another dimension to Algiers metro

Thanks to this first exhibition that ended on February 15 (to be followed by other artistic events), RATP El Djazaïr and Entreprise Métro d’Alger are making 2020 a year for promoting art. 

The metro is used by hundreds of passengers and is a unique venue for promoting the culture and arts that make up the rich local heritage. It also affords an opportunity for young, relatively unknown artists to bring their work to public attention. 

This is a strong initiative that is perfectly in line with the RATP Dev objective of fully taking part in the local life in countries where it operates by showcasing their cultures while improving passengers experience.