RATP Dev Touch video!

Take a look at the RATP Dev Touch video! 

Innov&Go challenge : “Gift” for gender equality in Florence!

GEST SPA, our subsidiary in Florence, Italy, has won the Regional Development Award for its “Gift” project in our Innov&Go challenge! 

International Women’s Day!

Across the world, we support women into meaningful careers in public transport. In most of the countries where we operate, however, the public transport sector stands out for low female representation in the workforce. 

That’s why we strive to diversify our talent, from recruitment to internal mobility and employee development. Our North Star is gender parity in our company. 
Check out the International Women’s Day messages from our teams across the world! 

International Women’s Day at RATP Dev

On International Women’s Day, we’re proud to celebrate all the women we work with! 

RATP Dev is committed to advance diversity and bring more women in the workforce. 

All our teams across the world wish you a happy International Women’s Day! 

Innov&Go challenge : Marinéo innovates with accessibility workshops

In 2021, Marinéo, the network that we operate for Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais, created "Osons le bus" ("Let's take the bus!") mobility workshops, which aim to improve access to mobility for everyone in the Boulogne area in northern France. 

Several different kinds of workshop were created for different groups of people, including those with reduced mobility, jobseekers, the elderly, and children. More than 400 people have taken part in these workshops and have learned how to safely get on and off the bus as well as consult bus maps and timetables and use the Marinéo app! 

Last June, this innovation won the accessibility prize in our Innov&Go Challenge. Through this internal challenge, we grant awards every two years to innovative projects conceived and implemented by our subsidiaries. Congratulations Marinéo! 

We are proud to support all our subsidiaries in their initiatives to make mobility more innovative and accessible for all. 

Check out our video to find out more! 

Success Story: Driverless Metro Line 14

Commissioned in 1998, the Paris Line 14 is the first unattended driverless high-capacity metro line in the world. Following its extension to northern Paris, work is now underway to connect it to Orly international airport in the south.
Thanks to RATP Group’s solid experience and strong partnerships with Siemens mobility and WeBuild on this southern section of the line connecting Pont de Rungis station with Orly airport (including the construction of the Morangis maintenance and stabling depot), this new world-class standard for driverless metro will be ready in time for the Paris Olympic Games 2024!
Line 14 will be the backbone of the Grand Paris Express rail network and will transport one million passengers per day.
RATP Dev Australia is excited to bring its expertise on complex line extensions and world-class automated metro operations to Australia. 

Expert's insight : a talk between Edouard Dequeker et Christophe Vacheron

Expert's insight - Discover the interview between Edouard Dequeker, Professor at the ESSEC Chair of Urban Economics / Pedagogical Manager of the Specialised Master in Urban and Real Estate Management and Christophe Vacheron, Development Director for RATP Dev in France and Switzerland.