Heard about Octobre Rose ? It’s the nationwide campaign combatting breast cancer organised by the Le Cancer du sein, Parlons-en ! charity. It’s also an opportunity for several of our networks in France to get busy. Here’s an overview.

Octobre Rose was set up 25 years ago and has become the go-to event for raising public awareness about breast cancer. Its aim is to raise awareness among women about early testing for breast cancer and to raise additional funds through sporting and cultural events and information actions. In the same vein as the RATP Group which partnered the Odyssea Paris run on 6 and 7 October, several subsidiaries of ours have contributed to the charity, supporting all-women sports events in their respective region. 

In Vannes our Kicéo network partnered La Vannetaise, a footrace involving over 8,000 women walkers and runners on 13 and 14 October.  The subsidiary fielded shuttles for participants between the city centre and the car park. Kicéo also clad its buses in the event’s livery and donated 50 euros to the charity for each woman employee taking part. 

In Bourges our STU Bourges network teamed up with Foulées Rose du Berry Harmonie Mutuelle, a six-kilometre event held on 6 and 7 October. Its contribution amounted to two buses manned by volunteer drivers to provide a free shuttle service between car parks and the village for the Foulées Roses du Berry Harmonie Mutuelle held in Chapelle Saint-Ursin.

In La Roche-sur-Yon drivers from the Impulsyon bus network sported the race livery in support of La Joséphine to spur on all the women walkers and runners taking part in the five-kilometre event on 28 and 29 September. 

In Lorient ten women in the CTRL network took part in the La Lorientaise event on 7 October. This was a race of three or six kilometres that involved some 11,000 women.

These actions reflect our solidarity values and our aim to support a major national event such as Octobre Rose which works hard to combat breast cancer. Congratulations to all participants!

One in eight women risks breast cancer.
Early testing helps save thousands of lives each year.