From Florence to Hong Kong, from Manchester in the UK to Casablanca in Morocco or Tucson in the United States, RATP Dev uses all the experience and know-how of RATP Group to help cities implement, operate and maintain their networks.
Tramways - reliable, clean, quiet and capable of transporting a very large number of passengers –today symbolise a modern city.



Tramway: the iconic symbol of your city

Tramways are not like other modes of transport. They are often a major part of the city’s identity. RATP Dev understands this and makes quality of service and passenger satisfaction a strategic asset.

Creating the conditions for successful service

Our staff strive to ensure the commercial launch of each new line according to the schedule and with optimum safety conditions.

Tramways are a high-capacity mobility solution that can be speedily implemented for regional authorities dealing with strong population growth.

Regular and reliable travel

Thanks to our extensive expertise in traffic regulation in dense urban areas, we team up with you to devise optimal traffic plans for your tramway service. Travel times and traffic frequency are optimised to offer the most fluid service to passengers.

Tramways are an ideal travel solution for large numbers of passengers at peak times. Tramways mean a better quality of life for local residents with lower pollution and sound levels. This is a perfect way of (re)discovering a city, safely and with optimal comfort.

Tramways are now the mode of transport preferred by many European cities.

Quality of service at every level

  • Cleanliness, safety, passenger reception and information… RATP Dev takes special care in the quality of service at every level to ensure maximum passenger satisfaction.
  • Our mission goes beyond implementing a tramway service. Guaranteeing quality transport service also means raising awareness, training and managing local teams tasked with operation and maintenance responsibilities.


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