STIF awards contract to RATP Dev for three express lines in Paris Region

STIF awards contract to RATP Dev for three express lines in Paris Region

RATP Dev subsidiary STILE won the bid issued by STIF* for the public service delegation to operate three express lines, “Les Mureaux/La Défense”, “Vernouillet-Verneuil/La Défense” and “Les Mureaux/St Quentin” starting on 1 January 2017.

The seven-year renewal contract applies to two express lines (“Les Mureaux/La Défense” and “Verneuil/La Défense”) with an extension to operate the “Les Mureaux/St Quentin” line. The three lines will be operated as a continuation of the previous contract awarded to Société des Transports Interurbains des Lignes Express (STILE), an RATP Dev subsidiary operating out of Les Mureaux.

The contract should generate combined revenue of approximately €48 million over the seven-year term.
The new contract includes developments starting in 2017 to support the increase in passenger numbers, which have risen by 20% on the two lines operated by RATP Dev since 2012, and to improve service including:

- Wi-Fi on board buses in 2017
- Creation of a Sunday offering on the “Les Mureaux/La Défense” and “Les Mureaux/St Quentin” lines
- Creation of a Saturday offering on the “Verneuil/La Défense” line.

RATP Dev CEO François-Xavier Perin stated he was “delighted with the renewed confidence demonstrated by Syndicat des Transports d’Ile-de-France in these lines where STILE have successfully ensured major developments over the last five years. RATP Dev will continue work together with STIF to implement its expertise to cater to passengers and local authorities”.

RATP Dev subsidiary STILE has been operating regular express lines on the A14 motorway since 2012, fielding 31 vehicles and 60 staff members for the new public service delegation.

*STIF (Syndicat des Transports d’Ile-de-France) is the transport authority for Paris city and region public transport services.