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RATP Dev in the Middle East-North Africa area

RATP Dev has received more than 200 visitors to the exhibition of IUTP Middle East-North Africa, held in Dubai in April 2016.

RATP Group supports Paris application to host the 2024 Olympics Games

RATP Dev Paris sightseeing subsidiary L’Open Tour participated in the event on Tuesday, 9 February, presenting the official logo for the Paris bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

RATP Dev inaugures the first sightseeing tramway in Hong Kong

The Commissioner for Transport and the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development made the trip to attend this opening ceremony. It has to be said that after a hundred years of service, the Hong Kong tram has become the icon of the city.

French Prime Minister on the RATP Group stand for RNTP

RATP Dev was present at France’s 2015 National Public transportation Days (RNTP), a key event for the sector, which this year took place in Lyon from Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October.

bath bus company
Bath Bus Company brings a little village back to life for a day

Nine Routemasters filled with locals and visitors alike, were recently seen travelling to and from the normally deserted Imber, a small abandoned village in the county of Wiltshire, South-West England.

hortons kids
RATP Dev joins forces with Horton’s Kids

Horton’s Kids is an organization that helps children in Wellington Park, a challenging neighborhood in the Washington DC metro area. These at-risk kids live in a high crime area with soaring school dropout rates.

United Motorcoaches
United Motorcoaches at Buckingham Palace

Veteran servicemen take United Motorcoaches by storm.

bus déchets
The first bus to run on waste

It is ecofriendly, innovative and fun: the new bus being tried out by an RATP DEV British subsidiary, the Bath Bus Company. 

Into the heart of the Vatican gardens

Since 13 April, RATP Dev has been taking passengers–through its subsidiary Cilia Italia–on discovery tours of the gardens of the Vatican on its panoramic minibuses.

Supporting young girls from one of the Mumbai slums

We don’t just provide transport; we provide a social bond as our staff gets involved in the communities they work in.

The Yellow Buses Launch the gallery bus

This is probably a first in Great Britain: an art gallery on board a double decker driving along the Dorset roads. The Yellow Buses have exhibited eleven resident artists giving them free transport in exchange for a few works of art which were then selected for display on board the bus. It’s another way to bring art to the masses, create a social bond using the local art scene and promote the bus as a green, arty and creative mode of transport which artists love…

Mobile garden

MARCH 2015

New York is launching another version of the green bus. This one doesn’t run on organic fuel, but aims for a positive carbon account thanks to its green roof. Behind the concept, the designer Marco Castro points out that the New York bus fleet has 4,500 vehicles with a roof surface area of 30 m² each. So if all the buses were fitted with green roofs, it would produce as much as 135,000 m² of mobile green spaces, the equivalent of 4 Bryant Parks in New York, 11 Trafalgar Squares in London or half of the Tuileries Gardens in Paris. Another way to make our increasingly inorganic and paved cities a bit greener. 

London buses mark the end of the Tour de France

 July 2014

London United buses add a bit of English flavour to the quintessential French competition.

Nurturing talent in the townships

The aim is clear: to fight social determinism by enabling young people from less well-off backgrounds to access excellence in education.

Drama on the buses

How do you teach passengers about validating tickets?

A new lease of life for the legendary double-deckers

The “New Buses for London” – popularly referred to as “Boris Buses” in tribute to the mayor who introduced them on the network – made their first public appearance on London’s roads on 27 February 2012.

South Africa: Caring for our employees

“IMPILO”, meaning LIFE in the Zulu language, was the name chosen by Bombela Operating Company (BOC) - our South African subsidiary - for its new clinic. The clinic is integrated into the company and provides basic treatments and medicines free of charge, whatever the disease: colds, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Most importantly, Impilo has put in place a programme of screening, consultations and free psychological support for people with HIV. 10% of its employees benefit from it today.

Algeria : Constantine tramway opens

The Constantine tramway was opened on 4 July in the presence of Mr Amar Tou, the Algerian Transport Minister (front), Mr Nouredine Bedoui, Wali of Constantine, and Mr François-Xavier Perin, Chief Executive of RATP Dev. In service from 5 July, it serves 10 stations over a distance of 8.1 km and should carry 70,000 passengers each day.

France: bikes are let loose in La Roche-sur-Yon

CTY, a subsidiary of RATP Dev which operates the Impulsyon public transport network in la Roche-sur-Yon, France, and provides the bike rental service Velyon, lent 20 of its bikes for the Jardin’Art operation organised last June in the Vendée town. The event allows particulars to open their gardens to the public for a weekend. By kindly allowing their bikes to be used, CTY made it much easier for visitors to get around. An artistic extra: three of the bikes were decorated with a “countryside” theme by local children.

The RATP Group is supporting business creation

A bus against unemployment. STDM (Marne), Champagnes Mobilités (Marne) and CTY (La Roche-sur-Yon), subsidiaries of RATP Dev, have provided Adie - a public interest association which encourages microloans – with a free information bus. 


With the signing of the Riyadh contract, RATP Dev is expanding into a new region of the world.

Now present in 14 countries on 4 continents, today RATP Dev generates 70% of its turnover worldwide. 

The Hong Kong tramway, 110 years on the clock


Iconic London buses at the finishing line of the Tour de France

To celebrate the role that London’s transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), played in delivering this year’s Tour de France, two of London’s iconic  red buses will make a symbolic trip across the channel to feature in the finale stage of the event in the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris on 27 July.

A top trip for the world’s top chefs

July 2014

London United invites top chefs to explore London on board the Silver New RouteMaster.

France: Jacqueline Jury, General Manager of CTB (Boulogne Transport Company)

In January of this year, Jacqueline Jury was handed the reins of the CTB (Boulogne Transport Company). This will give her the opportunity to demonstrate her organisational skills and her ability to mobilise the staff to improve the quality of the network.

TP2A celebrates its tenth birthday

2002 saw the creation of TP2A, RATP Dev’s first subsidiary. The new company was set up in order to provide the Annemasse area with a transport network straddling the border with Switzerland. In December 2012, Christophe Vacheron, director of the Rhône-Alpes/Switzerland region, Jerôme Lavenier, TP2A director, and Patrice Plojoux, TP2A vice-president and their entire team celebrated their first decade—and looked forward to the decades to come!

Intermodality arrives with the Gautrain

Now that the Gautrain regional express train is up and running, the South African network has become resolutely intermodal. 10,000 parking spaces are now available to passengers, while the local bus network has been reinforced to ensure that it can transport passengers within a ten-kilometre radius from the stations.

The Hong Kong tramway: combining tradition with modernity

VTRA (Veolia Transport RATP Asia), a 50%-owned RATP Dev subsidiary, has been running and maintaining the Hong Kong tramway since 2010. A unique example of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, the city’s tramway boasts the oldest fleet of double-decker trams still in service. With its 230,000 passengers every day, the tramway is a very popular form of transport. It is currently undergoing an ambitious modernisation plan, addressing customer service optimisation, safety, maintenance and special driver training.

Florence trams driven by champions!

Daniela Bargelli and Luca Gori, drivers on the tramway in Florence, represented RATP Dev subsidiary GEST in a tram driver competition in Dresden in September. The Italian drivers finished in 14th place as a team, while Daniela came first in three events. Their achievements were honoured by the Dresden network, which is interested in twinning with GEST.

On your bike! City leaders celebrate with Impulsyon!

Philippe Gaboriau, president of the transport commission in La Roche-sur-Yon, France (left) and Pierre Regnault, president of La Roche-sur-Yon urban council (right), with Patrick You, vice-president of the transport commission; Tristan Campardon, transport manager for the city council; Chi Kien Nguyen, CTY marketing manager, RATP Dev subsidiary; Alain Marhic, CTY manager and Geneviève Held, CTY bus driver.

RATP Dev supports public transport higher education

At this year’s European Mobility Exhibition, RATP Dev Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Marc Janaillac acted as sponsor for the ceremony, honouring graduates of the 20th year of the master’s degree in Urban and Regional Passenger Transport Studies at the University Lumière Lyon 2 - National School for Public Works (ENTPE). He called for a strengthening of ties with this specialised public transport course.

Oyez, oyez, the bus is coming!

To launch the new 4D line in Wimborne in Dorset, England, Yellow Buses called on the services of costumed town criers to address passers-by. From public proclamations to Smartphone apps, the company unhesitatingly juggles between eras to keep its users informed.

“Double-decker” in Paris.

The quintessential symbol of London and an emblem of the move by RATP Dev into Great Britain, a red double-decker bus was on show last June at the entrance of the European Mobility Show. This hybrid bus belonging to the London United Bus subsidiary, which had made the trip from London, reflects RATP Dev’s commitment to sustainable forms of transport.

All aboard the Gautrain

All aboard the Gautrain. South African President Jacob Zuma boarded the train on 7 June 2012 — but not alone! Many other guests joined President Zuma for an inaugural trip along the final section of the express line between Pretoria and Johannesburg, operated by the Bombela Operating Company, an RATP Dev subsidiary.

RATP Dev automates the São Paulo metro

RATP Dev automates the São Paulo metro. South America’s first fully-automated metro line entered service in May 2010 in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. The city’s residents were quick to take to this new service: the line now carries close to 700,000 passengers every day!

South Africa at full speed on the Gautrain.

South Africa at full speed on the Gautrain. Inaugurated by RATP Dev in 2010, Gautrain, a combination of the word Gauteng, the name of the South African province where it operates, and train, is Africa’s fastest rail link. Running between Pretoria and Johannesburg, it plays a vital role in driving economic growth, aided in no small part by the 12,000 men and women who keep the service running every day.

Tram enthusiasts from China

Tram enthusiasts from China. When RATP Dev’s Chinese colleagues come to France, they want to see tramways! In March 2012, engineers and business developers from VTRA Beijing spent five days visiting Paris, Reims and Strasbourg to learn about the technologies French networks have adopted. 

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