• Servicing all the region's business clusters.
  • Offering the widest possible range of services.
  • 22

    schools and 10 business parks serviced


    regular routes in the Busval d'Oise system


    % of buses meeting the most recent Euro 5 and 6 standards


    Busval d'Oise carries some 25,000 people every day to meet their mobility needs. It serves key urban and rural areas, train stations, business parks, administrative centers, training institutions and shopping centers.


    Céobus, near Cergy, provides regular intercity, schoolbus, and night-time runs as well as occasional sightseeing tours.


    Céobus is actively committed to protecting the environment in this region near Paris. For example, the company defined a sustainable development policy focusing on four major areas. First, bus purchases include environmental considerations. In fact, 74% of the fleet met the most recent Euro 5 and 6 standards as of 2016. Second, facilities respect the local environment. Third, bus wash water is reclaimed. And fourth, industrial and administrative waste is sorted and recycled.

    Val d'Oise France bus mobilité

    Your future. Our destination.

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