• Helping to ease road congestion by offering a cheap yet effective alternative.
  • Offering the conurbation’s 55,000 inhabitants attractive transportation.
  • 54



    million kilometers traveled every year


    million passengers per year


    The Moulins transportation authority delegated the operation of its Aléo transit system to Moulins Mobilité, a local company that is a subsidiary of RATP Dev. It provides attractive transportation that is tailored to the needs of the agglomeration's 55,000 inhabitants.


    Moulins Mobilité runs eight regular routes, a schoolbus route, and on-demand transit between rural areas and shopping centers. On-demand handitransit is also available as well as a special Sunday service from the train station to student campuses and a shuttle service for the local penitentiary.


    It all adds up to help move more than one million people, more than one million kilometers, every year.

    Moulins France Bus Mobility

    Your future. Our destination.

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