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  • Increasing the number of stops and upping bus frequency.


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The Société des Transports Départementaux de la Marne was founded in 1923 and has developed expertise in all areas of passenger road transportation.

In 2013 the local Marne government wanted to create a system of alternative, wheelchair-accessible public transit. It chose the joint bid of STDM and Champagne Mobilités, another RATP Dev subsidiary. Four years on, Marne Mobilité boasts 12 daily, regular routes servicing the region's main towns year-round.

STDM operates several schoolbus routes for the department. It also plays a role in the Ardennes metropolis public transit system, TAC, along with another RATP Dev subsidiary, CTCM. Additionally, it has two secondary businesses that operate the transit systems in the towns of Sedan and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

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