• Setting up daily service and ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Advising the federation of communities council on ways to develop urban transit.

500 000

kilometers traveled every year (forecast)


buses (excluding on-demand transit)

765 367

passengers transported


The conurbation or federation of communities christened "Épernay, Coteaux et Plaine de Champagne", was officially founded on January 1, 2017,federating 50 municipalities, or 50,500 inhabitants, around Épernay and Vertus.

Acting as transit authority, the conurbation’s council appointed RATP Dev to operate its Mouvéo bus system, featuring six regular routes and 10 on-demand routes. RATP Dev already had other subsidiaries in the region, such as STDM, Champagne Mobilité, and the city bus system of Charleville-Mézières-Sedan. For the new contract, RATP Dev created the Compagnie de Transports du Pays de Champagne (CTPC). CTPC's 37 dedicated employees service some 21 towns, in addition to providing schoolbusing and reduced mobility transit through another network, Mobilibus.

Un bus Mouvéo dans la ville d'Epernay

"We are satisfied with the service continuity that has been provided by RATP Dev. Switching from the previous operator was not easy, yet RATP Dev pulled it off seamlessly for our city transit users."

Franck Leroy
Mayor of Epernay and President of the Epernay-Pays de Champagne federation of municipalities

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Mouvéo (CTPC)

Alexandre GALVEZ



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