RATP Dev continues to expand in the U.S.

RATP Dev continues to expand in the U.S.

RATP Dev, through its subsidiary McDonald Transit Associates, has won the contract to operate and maintain the Lake County bus network in Florida for a 7-year term. The contract is estimated at 33 million euros.

The bus network has over 7 lines and 54 vehicles and covers Lake County and environs. McDonald Transit Associates will begin operating the network on March 6th, 2017. In addition to operation and maintenance responsibilities for the bus network, the RATP Dev subsidiary will hire and train staff members and is tasked with drafting operating procedures.

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Lake County transport authority to work in this booming region. This success further strengthens our presence in the U.S. and makes it possible to continue expanding in a key region for our development”, stated Laurence Batlle, Chairwoman of the RATP Dev Executive Board.

RATP Dev has been present in the U.S since 2009. With its subsidiaries, McDonald Transit Associates and The Fullington Bus Company, RATP Dev operates in 17 states and operates dense and complex bus networks in locations such as Charlotte, Colorado Springs and Hernando County in the suburbs of Tampa. RATP Dev also operates streetcars in Washington D.C. and Tucson and in May 2014 launched a sightseeing bus activity in New York branded Open Loop.