From Johannesburg in South Africa to Arezzo in Italy...RATP Dev can provide tailored infrastructure offers thanks to its experience, know-how and knowledge of passenger requirements.
Major cities that are continuously growing need fast, safe and adequately sized rail systems to ensure the commutes of several million passengers per day.

Rail: the link between cities and their inner suburbs

Inter-urban rail transport is again growing rapidly. It is preferred by passengers who need a form of transport that avoids traffic jams and helps preserve the environment.

Successfully operating in all kinds of situation

We commit to complying with the timetable for launching the commercial service of our infrastructures including in particularly demanding situations. We arrange transport services to manage major passenger peaks. Our expertise has won over regional authorities in South Africa and Italy. The first phase of the new express link (160 km/h) between Pretoria and Johannesburg entered service in June 2010, only a few days before the launch of the Football World Cup. Built under the terms of a public-private partnership (PPP), the line serves as the backbone of a multimodal urban system.

A passenger service that goes beyond transportation

With our care for the well-being of passengers using our lines, we implement innovative solutions to improve real-time traffic information. These include sound messages on trains, flat-screen displays, SMS features, social networks and Internet sites, etc. Every available channel is used.

RATP Dev can provide tailored infrastructure offers thanks to its know-how and knowledge of passenger requirements.

All customer surveys reveal continuously more stringent requirements in the quality of spaces.

  • Passengers want them to be fluid, comfortable and properly connected to the town for optimised mobility. Our stations and multimodal transfer hubs are designed and developed to make connections between trains easy and also to promote intermodal travel using other forms of public transport (bus, metro, tramway), taxis, bicycles and passenger car parks.
  • In South Africa, car parks and nearby bus lines are a key component of the rail link between Pretoria and Johannesburg. Our personnel makes full use of RATP Group’s extensive experience.


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