our values

Our people are our most valuable asset. Investing in our personnel is not an expense, they are the driving force of our excellence, our performance and our profitability.

Providing a service of general economic interest
We believe that to deliver a sustainable urban and intercity transport strategy, you have to look beyond the short-term. RATP Dev is a public service company that is socially responsible and committed to solidarity both internally and externally. It is actively involved in the sustainable development of towns and cities, and invests in future generations by devising long-lasting, effective and safe solutions and by providing its customers with a superior quality of service without compromising on competitiveness.

Respect is key in our day to day activities. Respect is about building on each others ideas, communicating, getting to know each other, understanding each other, in order to manage the diversity of our employees and our customers, so that together, we can make travelling a pleasant experience.

Professionalism for the benefit of our clients
Everything we do, we do it with a total commitment to safety. We pool all of our knowledge and expertise to make sure each and
every one of our customers is happy.

Rising to challenges
Throughout our history, we have learned how to respond to every challenge we have ever faced. We are prepared for any new challenge that may arise and are determined to succeed every step of the way: to innovate and be competitive, to launch and organise major public transport projects, to develop our offer in Île de France, in every region of France, and internationally, to transform our business and its culture. We will rise to these challenges with skill and with passion, never accepting the easy answer or compromising on safety or the importance of the individual.

Listening to the expectations set by our customers and our stakeholders is the very foundation of our efficiency. Being open to different geographical and corporate cultures is an incredible source of richness and growth.